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General introduction

Classical mechanics

  • Textbooks
    • D. Halliday, R. Resnick, K. Krane, “Physics Volume I“, John Wiley & Sons, 5th edition (2001) [Good introduction]
    • H. Goldstein, C. P. Poole, J. L. Safko, “Classical Mechanics“, Addison Wesley, 3rd edition (2002) [The canonical textbook]
    • L. D. Landau, E. M. Lifshitz, “Course of theoretical physics: Mechanics“, Butterworth-Heinemann, 3rd edition (1982) [Advanced and elegant treatment]
      Physics, Volume 1 Classical Mechanics (3rd Edition) Course of Theoretical Physics : Mechanics (Course of Theoretical Physics)
  • Online books and lectures

Statistical and thermal physics




  • Textbooks
    • B. Ryden, “Introduction to Cosmology“, Addison Wesley (2002). [Very good textbook covering recent topics]
    • E. W. Kolb, M. S. Turner, “The Early Universe“, Perseus Books Group (1993). [Classic text on early universe cosmology]
    • S. Dodelson, “Modern Cosmology“, Academic Press (2003). [More advanced textbook on cosmology]
      Introduction to Cosmology The Early Universe (Frontiers in Physics) Modern Cosmology

Quantum mechanics

Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics

Condensed matter

Particle physics

Quantum Field Theory

String Theory

Loop Quantum Gravity

  • Textbooks
    • C. Rovelli, “Quantum Gravity“, Cambridge University Press (2004). [Reference overview of LQG]
      Quantum Gravity (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics)

Mathematics and Computation

Elementary mathematics and general introductions

Foundations of mathematics

  • Mathematical logic
  • Model theory
    • S. G. Simpson, Penn State University, Math 563, “Model theory” (1998)
  • Set theory
    • P. Dixon, University of Sheffield, “Set Theory” (1999).





Theory of Computability

Information Theory

  • Textbooks
    • T. M. Cover, J. A. Thomas, “Elements of Information Theory“, Wiley-Interscience (2nd edition, 2006). [Classic textbook covering general and advanced topics]
    • L. Brillouin, “Science and Information Theory“. New York: Academic Press (1962). [Discusses relations between information theory and physics]
      Elements of Information Theory (Wiley Series in Telecommunications and Signal Processing) Science and Information Theory, Second Edition (Dover Phoenix Editions)
  • Online lectures

Computational Complexity

Algorithmic Information Theory

Quantum Information Theory

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