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Observation of Jupiter moons, March 1613

xantox, 22 April 2007 in Gallery

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In 1610 Galileo published the astonishing report of his first telescope observations,1 containing detailed drawings of the moon surface and his discovery of four “planets” orbiting around Jupiter (now known as the “Galilean Moons”). About two years later, he wrote an even more precise observation2 with more than a hundred drawings of their relative daily positions. This animation3 brings back life to Galileo’s observation, as made in Florence, March 1613.

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  2. G. Galilei, “Istoria e Dimostrazioni intorno alle Macchie Solari” (”The Sunspot Letters to Marc Welser”) (1613) []
  3. Massimo Mogi Vicentini, © Planetario di Milano, Italy []
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